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(Pemitted by NCISM [Ministry of Ayush, Govt of India]
Affiliated to guru ravidas ayurved university punjab, hoshiarpur)

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S.K.S.S. Ayurvedic Wdical College (Sarabha)

The institute has a beautiful magnificent building and an eye catching landscaping view with a fine blend of architecture and natural out look. There has been crores of rupees expenditure on it so far. Yet the management has further plans of its expansion & development.

Recognition & Affiliation of the College

The college has the recognition / approval for B.A.M.S. Degree Courses:

By C.C.I.M., New Delhi (Health & Family Welfare Department of India), Punjab Govt. and Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (Faridkot) for 60 seats per year to this course including NRI seats.

1. Sharir Rachna (Anatomy) : The college has a well equipped dissection hall to give practical training regarding dissection of the human body. Various models of the organs, organ systems, descriptive charts, working models, and preserved organ specimens are available in the Anatomy Museum.

2. Basic Principles of Ayurveda : This department basically includes the fundamental subjects of Ayurveda e.g. Sanskrit, Samhita and Siddhanta. Well qualified and experienced teachers are attached to this department too.

3. Sharir Kriya (Physiology) : A fully equipped Physiology Laboratory with working models, charts and all latest instruments are available in this department

4. Draryaguna (Pharmacology) : This department has ,a herbal garden with students dunng Experiments Kriyashanr (PhysmIngyaeb more then 1100 Procured plants collected from various regions of the country. Green house is also maintained. More than 200 dry crude herbs and herbarium specimens are systematically preserved in the Museum of this department.

5. Agad Tantra (Toxicology & Jurisprudence) : Various poisonous drugs, animals & their poisons, weapons, charts concerned are displayed in the museum. It is for the consideration of medico-legal aspects of accidents, poisoning and other criminal happenings

6. Ras Shastra (Pharmacy) : Various raw drugs of mineral and animal origin and formulations are kept in museum for practical training regarding preparation of drug formulations to be given to the patients. Pharmacy is equipped with modern equipments. Abc1120 medicines are manufactured to be given free to the patients in Ayurvedic camps. Special Chyavanprash is very much appreciated by the people.

7. Swasth Vritta (Hygiene) : Practical training regarding Yoga is given under this department. Various Camps for training regarding health programmes, immunisation, sanitation, general awareness, life style modification etc. are organized every week by this department.

8. Rog Nidan (Pathology) : This deptt. is also having a well equipped Pathology Laboratory. Latest haematological, immunological, experimental, urine, semen, sputum etc. tests are present in this department.

9.  Bal Rog (Paediatrics) : This department has regular OPD, immunisation programmes for practical training.

10. Stri Rog & Prasooti (Gynaecology) : This department imparts education for the diseases of female and the study of different stages of antenatal, natal and post natal education. The department has a well equipped labour room facility

11. Panchkarma Department : This department provides specialised treatment for chronic diseases through classical as well as Keraliya Panchkarma therapies under supervision of experts. Vaman, Virechan, Nasya, Vasti, Shirodhara etc. are carried out successfully. Steam and Sauna Bath are the very much attractive & effective procedures. About 3500 patients have been treated by the above said procedures in the year 2008-09.